Welcome to the website for the Convective Storm Dynamics research lab at OU‘s School of Meteorology!

Our group will be hiring two new graduate students (MS or PhD) to begin in Fall 2021. The following indicate a range of potential thesis/dissertation topics, subject to the student’s interests:

  • Interactions between wind shear, clouds, and radiation during tropical cyclone (TC) genesis and rapid intensification
  • Diurnal cycle in TCs
  • TCs and climate change
  • Mesoscale dynamics of extreme precipitation in the monsoon

Those interested in these or other complementary topics (see below) are encouraged to contact Dr. James Ruppert. More info about applying to OU can be found here.

Our Research

Our research seeks to better understand the dynamics of convective storms and other mesoscale processes. Through our research we also seek to better understand the greater climate system by examining the feedback between the meso (weather) and large scales (climate), which usually occurs through cloud–circulation coupling. Our primary study tools include numerical modeling, theoretical analysis, and observations. High-resolution numerical models (WRF, MPAS, ICON, CM1) are an especially vital tool in our work, as are the supercomputers we run them on.

Our primary research topics include:

  • Tropical dynamics
  • Mesoscale dynamics
  • The Madden–Julian Oscillation
  • Cloud–radiation feedback
  • Tropical cyclones
  • Summer monsoons
  • Self-aggregation